Monday, January 3, 2011

Fire My Real Estate Agent Testimonial

My husband and I sold our home in mid-coast Maine using the 7 Day Sale. We followed the steps to a T. We held an open house and had over 40 home buyers show up. We had three offers and took the best offer, a historic high for the area!! I am confident we NEVER would of sold our in this market using a traditional Realtor. It created 'urgency" in a market where there is no urgency what-so ever. Thank you for your all your help. -J. Gordon, Portland, ME

Fire My Real Estate Agent

The “Fire My Real Estate Agent” program is the For Sale By Owner, GET IT SOLD NOW system, for selling your property in the current real estate market in ONLY 7 DAYS, without an agent! Sell it, “For Sale By Owner” and sell it for the highest price! We offer unique marketing strategies for today’s very different real estate market. Our program works in any area of North America, in any market, up or down. Save an average of $9,870 that you would have forked over to a real estate agent. Our audio CD program and quick start-up guide are a breeze to follow. You can put these sure-fire tactics into motion immediately.